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Malone and Thompson appointed Youth Outreach Coordinators


FCCH members Laurie Malone and Tracy Thompson have been named Chapter Coordinators for the Middlesex County Chapter of Giv2.  Cheryl Hager, Chapter Coordinator for the past three years, will hand over the reins following the group’s May 17th community outreach project in Killingworth, CT.  We would like to thank Cheryl for her outstanding service and dedication to the Giv2 youth ministry.  

What is Giv2? 

“Giv2 is a CORPS of local youth and adults

GIVING back to our communities in response to the GIFTS of God.

Together, we explore our faith through SERVICE + FELLOWSHIP.”

 Giv2 is designed for middle and high school youth in grades 7-12 who want to explore our faith through SERVICE and FELLOWSHIP. 

The name, “Give Squared,” reflects the simple reality that faithful people have known for centuries: when we give, we also receive. We give our time and labor in the service of others, and in return we are blessed with gifts of gratitude, compassion, and wisdom. Our gifts of hospitality multiply exponentially when we work together to heal the world!  

Giv2 is a way for….

  • Churches to partner with sister UCC congregations to support the work of existing Youth Groups.
  • Youth and adults to work side by side to do ministry in a variety of local settings.
  • A team of adults to share administrative and planning duties.
  • Skill building and leadership development to take place among youth and adults in the local church.
  • Youth to cultivate their spirits through simple acts of service.
  • Youth and adults to reflect on underlying justice issues around such topics as education, poverty, discrimination, or disabilities.

Why local?  Our churches often sponsor extended mission trips to distant place.  These experiences are a rewarding way for youth to bond together to serve and to learn to appreciate different places and cultures. But there is also a place for youth to do ministry close to home. Giv2 events are designed as half-day immersion experiences in neighboring communities.

Local service has many advantages:

  • Needy come to be seen as neighbors not as “the other.”
  • One day projects allow more youth and adults to get involved.
  • Less expensive; reduces the burden of fundraising.
  • “Greener” approach to ministry.
  • Strengthens bonds with between local churches.
  • Opens the door to ongoing volunteer experiences in the community. Youth and adults may return to work sites on their own, or local churches may develop supporting relationships with the site.
  • Plus, there is great need right in our home state!

Contact:  Laurie Malone or Tracy Thompson,