In an attempt to do our best to ensure the safety of our congregation, we have implemented the following changes on how we do business.

  • All church buildings are closed. This includes the Lewis House, the church office, and the church building itself. Please do not enter the buildings at any time, even to drop off supplies.
  • Sunday services will be held on-line using Zoom Video Conferencing each Sunday. For a short time this fall we were able to gather in-person with strict restrictions but starting November 22, 2020 we will once again only have on-line Zoom services. On-line services will continue until at least April 25, 2021.
  • For more information on Zoom worship and Zoom meetings:
  • There will be no face-to-face church meetings. All meetings will be held on-line through Zoom Video Conferencing.
  • Pastor Michelle will hold virtual office hours, Tuesdays 1 pm – 3 pm. “Stop in” through Zoom the same way you would for a meeting or Sunday services (use the above push button.) If you would like to have a private Zoom meeting, phone call, or visit, please contact Interim Pastor Michelle at
  • The Deacon “Shepherds” will be making a systematic effort to reach out to our members during this time. If you have an immediate need, please contact Pastor Michelle.

Stay Safe!